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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who helps clients buy and sell property.

They facilitate transactions, providing support and market insights to clients

throughout the process. They may specialize in residential or commercial real estate

and generally work through a broker, firm or fellow real estate professional with a

higher level of knowledge and expertise.


To help their clients, real estate agents provide valuable services like finding

properties on a property search website or app, conducting open house tours and

negotiating real estate contracts. They also work to market properties through social

media, television and radio ads, postcards, flyers or a website. Real estate agents

can also assist with home appraisals and inspections and have connections to

reputable professionals in these fields who can provide those services. Also read https://www.turnerrealtyteam.com/top-jacksonville-real-estate-agents/


In addition to helping buyers and sellers, real estate agents manage particular legal

actions that occur during a sale. This includes preparing, submitting and filing

paperwork such as contracts, purchase agreements, disclosures and more. Agents

often have a database or software that they use to track and manage all the

information involved in a sale from initial contact with a client through closing.


Buyers’ real estate agents often interview potential buyers to find out more about

their homebuying goals, including what features are non-negotiable and what they

are willing to compromise on. They also help them set up appointments to view

homes, either online or in person, and coordinate schedules that suit the buyers’



During the home buying process, real estate agents are also helpful in guiding their

clients through the process by answering questions and clarifying any confusing or

unclear information. They may assist with mortgage preapproval, for example,

which can show a homeowner and seller that the buyer is serious about purchasing

their home. Agents can also arrange home appraisals and inspections to ensure that

a buyer is getting the most out of their investment and protect themselves from

unexpected problems or expenses down the road.


Once a contract is finalized, real estate agents help their clients through the closing

process. This can include communicating with the lender, title or escrow company

and any other necessary parties to get a deal done on time and on budget. They

may even attend a closing to make sure all paperwork is properly completed and



Whether you are looking to buy or sell, having an experienced real estate agent can

make the process much less stressful and more enjoyable. At Rocket HomesSM, we

match you with our Verified Partner Agents who can answer any questions you

might have about the local market and help you through the entire homebuying or

selling process. To get started, fill out our simple form and we’ll connect you with an

agent right away!

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