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Rose Hips Oil For Skin Care

Rose hips oil is cold pressed and is one of nature’s blessed answers to skin blemishes, scars and wounds. The seeds of the hips make up about 70% of the fruit and it is these seeds that are crushed to make the Essential Oils Exporter. These oils are omega-3 rich and have shown fantastic benefits for use on the skin, sun burn, age spots and old scars.

Benefits of Rose Hip Oil

After only four months you will be able to see benefits, yet this oil is not only beneficial for skin problems it is also beneficial for anti aging, radiation burns and dermatitis. If you want baby smooth skin without wrinkles or discoloration this oil is the answer.

Rose hips oil contains essential nutrients that are able to nourish the skin. It also has vitamins such as A, D and E and is a natural source of Retin-A. Vitamin A delays the effects of aging as it promotes cell regeneration which makes skin more elastic, smoother and firmer. Skin looks younger because cells are replaced faster; in effect it generates new skin.

Hips oil is also a highly effective moisturizer; it sinks into our skin quickly and for this reason is perfect for use in cosmetics. It also does not leave any greasy or stickiness behind. This oil can be found in many products such as creams and lotion as well as in a form of essential oils that are good for massaging and only a small amount is necessary to get enormous results. Hips oils are possibly one of the most effective natural products on the market for use in beauty and cosmetic applications.

Essential Rose Hips Oil

Essential oils have long been recognized for their health and beauty qualities. The oil comes directly from the rose hip, or fruit of the rose bush and works equally well with any skin type providing fatty acids and antioxidants as well as beta carotene to the skin which offer a quick and effective barrier and protection from skin damaging free radicals. These oils contain more than 80% essential fatty acids.

Rose Oil Skin care

Not many people are aware of the positive aspects of rose hips oil, yet it is fast becoming the product of choice for providing healthier, younger and smoother looking skin thanks to its ability to incite skin regeneration and its ability to renew collagen and elastin. Rose hip oil enters the skin’s outer layers fast and provides a source of fatty acids which cannot be naturally generated inside the body as fatty acids play a major role in metabolic reactions. Evidence show that low levels of fatty acids contributes to skin conditions. Replacing them via topical applications will prove an invaluable aid to our overall appearance, leaving our skin healthy and unblemished, while its ability to reconstruct our skin with its collagen ingredients is fast and efficient.

Hips oil also has high levels of Tran’s retinoic acid which is a derivative of vitamin A and which our body needs in order to deter the effects of pigmentation, sun damage, dehydration and premature aging.

This oil is one of the best dry skin moisturizers as it hydrates the skin, restores moisture and water holding properties instantaneously, improving the look of our skin and eradicating fine lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles form because of dehydration, but are also a result of UV damage from the suns rays which cause further break down of collagen. Rose hips oil works on replacing collagen which is the secret to healthy skin. It has the ability to keep skin hydrated, replace collagen and elastin which in turn reduces the odds of skin damage.

If you are considering blending your own skin care products aromatherapists suggest that rose hips oil should be combined with a product called helichrysum or mix one part hips oil together with nine parts of another carrier oil such as jojoba or calendula.

Hips oil needs to be refrigerated after opening in order to increase its shelf life, and must be stored away from direct sunlight.

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