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How Find a Real Estate Agent You Can Trust


Finding a real estate agent to work with during the process of buying or selling a home is an important decision. They can guide you through the process, offer advice on your specific home goals and help you achieve them. However, you want to make sure you choose someone you can trust. Here are some ways you can find a real estate agent:

Online Reviews

A good way to get a sense of an agent’s personality is to read their online reviews.

These can be found on many different websites, including Zillow and Angie’s List. The more recent reviews you see, the better. This will give you a sense of how they handle the job and what their clients’ experiences have been like with them.

Ask Questions

You’ll be able to gauge an agent’s knowledge of the local market by asking them basic questions. For example, do they know how the average days to sell a home in your area are and what the current average list price is? If an agent doesn’t have those answers at hand, they may not be experienced enough to represent you. Click here https://www.webuyhousesokcmetro.com/

They should be familiar with the areas where you’re looking to buy or sell a home, and should have an extensive portfolio of past sales in that area. They should also have the background to know how changes in that area affect your home’s value. For instance, a plan to build a new highway in the neighborhood might decrease your property’s value or a new playground park could increase it.

Your Social Circle

One of the best ways to find a real estate agent is by word of mouth. Your friends, family members and coworkers might have bought or sold a home in the last few years and can recommend someone they worked with. If you’re unable to get personal recommendations from these sources, check with official referral agencies. For example, the National Association of Realtors has a search tool that can match you with agents who are active in your local community.

The broker or firm themselves are not the only factor to consider; their credentials and ethics are also crucial. They should be licensed, and the company they work with should have a reputation for honesty and integrity.

In addition, they should have a strong network of other agents and brokers in the area. This will ensure they have access to the latest properties, and can help them find a buyer for your home.

You should also ask about their fees, as these can vary significantly depending on the size of your purchase or sale. For example, if you’re purchasing a luxury house, you might pay a higher commission than if you’re selling a starter home or an investment property.

Often, you can find an agent by contacting their brokerage or searching their name on their website. These sites often provide contact information and even provide a link to the agent’s profile page, so you can view their previous clients’ reviews.

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